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Thursday, November 27, 2008.

damn sad n guilty
coz i nvr go band today coz i sick again
and just now i found out dat the last day of selling uniform is clashed wif one of the band days
can someone give me a resolution???
i am really in need of money to pay my phone bills...coz it exceed the amount that my mum is willing to pay for me T_T
i am sick today... i got flu, sore throat n cough
then i got ulcers all over my mouth since tuesday
this afternoon i went to the community centre to hand in some bursary forms to like get reward or sumthing if u r top 25% in the lvl or stream
then after dat i went to teban garden there to pray...
its late liao

i love you Y

Tuesday, November 25, 2008.

today is not a good day
first i went to gillman
then went for band
i change back to reed 2
then my clarinet keep on squeeking
worst still i got scolded by mr neo until i going cry liao
damn sian la...
my dad ask me to quit band n join npcc
where got ppl's father ask the daughter quit cca one
ok la
i jus now doing quizes
got many many
say wat i sarcastic, romantic n bla bla
ok gtg
i wanna do more quiz liao

i love you Y

Thursday, November 20, 2008.

hi ppl
i am very very super duper bored here
i am browsing websites around n blah blah
i went to see the gillman website hahas
is: www.gillmanseafood.com.sg
go check out ^^
i wanna go "walk walk" liao

i love you Y

Wednesday, November 19, 2008.

jus came back from chalet =)
on the first day
we rch the chalet like 3+
thn met up wif the others
we went to wild wild wet together
damn fun
i took spalsh the first time in my life with jean
damn scary damn fun oso
we played many many games n ...
so those dat didnt go
pls regret...
coz its damn fun
we BBQ at night
then until midnight
we went to play bowling n arcade
then on the 2nd day
we went to wild wild wet again
played spash twice
the life guard damn bad la...
he ask if we(me n clara) were ready
then clara say yes
then i say no
he push little bit then ask again
keep on going on until there is no more space then SLIDE!!!
then today...
we went to play bowling
always win yk
he have to treat me ice cream
ok gtg

i love you Y

Monday, November 17, 2008.

ok lets start =P
went to a YOG (youth olympic games) learning centre
is quite fun
i went wif : ashley, guoyi, rachel, zoey, si'jia, si'min, bettina, amirah & some other ppl frm ntss oso
there r some other schools there oso eg. compassvale
we spend 1/2 hr touring arnd the whole place
then we all get to touch the beijing olympic the flame thing
is like so smooth la...
then we get 1/2 to walk arnd the place on our own
there got dummy sports like playing table tennis against the wall...=.=
then everytime when me & ashley wanna take photo or sumthing surely got someone come disturb
like the 1st time is like got this reporter come like ask us questions...
2nd time bettina caught us
then 3rd time oso bettina caught us
then the nxt 1/2 hr we can choose either to make a skit or create a game
obviously... we chose to create a game
i think the whole process is quite fun, interesting & oso very meaningful lo
coz we get to learn abt histories of olympic n so on...
like learn new stuff we dunno
is very worth it lo i think
if any of u saw this post n r interested,
u can go to 1 kay siang road to see
its open to the public =)
oh ya...
tmr is the class chalet!!!
the day i have been waiting for has finally come!!!
really look forward to it
ok la
gtg liao

i love you Y

Saturday, November 15, 2008.

Tagged by Winnifred to do this 100 question quiz!!!

A) ppl hu hav been tagged must ans all Q.
B) tag 8 ppl to do this quiz. those dat r tagged cnt refuse. these ppl must state hu they r tagged by & cnt tag back the person hu tagged u
C) continue this game by sending it to another 8 ppl

1. What have u been doing recently?
- go SL camp lor... thn afternoon went to east coast park =)

2. Did u ever turn ur cellphon off?
- yup...the first day of SL camp =)

3. What happened at 10am today?
- someone brought binbin to sch?? coz i still slping (:

4. When did u last cry?
-last friday... went to st.luke hospital to do com.service T.T

5. Believe in fate/destiny?
- both i guess...

6. What do u want in ur life now?
- nth...

7. Do u carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up ur hood?
- umbrella ba...

8. Whats ur fave. thing to have on ur bed?
- my boster =)

9. What bottoms r u wearing now?
- light blue ... shorts wif light patterns of flowers?

10. Whats the nicest thing in ur inbox?
- a chinese joke =D

11. Do u tend to make relationship complicated?
- dunno...but i wish not.

12. Are u wearing anything borrowed from sumone?
- nope...not now =)

13. What was the last movie u caught?
- HSM3 ♥

14. What are u proud of?
- my baby bro... my frens... my family n everything =)

15. What does the msg in ur inbox says?
- a chinese joke =D

16. What was the last song u sang out loud?
- see you again by miley cyrus i think...

17.Do u have nicknames?
- duh... wat cheating, comb stop, shitting...n the list goes on n on

18. What does ur last text msg says?
- Nvm lo... hahas. Tnx anw (to ashley)

19. What time did u go to bed last night?
- 1am++

20. Are u currently happy?
- quite =)

21. Who gives u the best advice?
- idk leh...

22. Do u eat whipped cream straight frm can?
- eew... yucks definitely not

23. Who did u talk on the phone last night?
- um... no one i think

24. Is someone bugging u now?
- nope... peaceful =)

25.Who was the last person to make u laugh?
- binbin la... duh

26. Do u wear toe socks?
- depends...

27. Who was the last person u missed a call frm?
- ah mah♥

28. Have u ever had ur heart broken?
- yup... by my frens i think

29.What annoys u most in person?
- those dat keep on like act hyper, those dat keep on repeating things again n again...

30. Do u have a crush on someone?
- last time but not now =)

31. Have u ever done concaine?
- wat's dat??????

32. What colour is ur room?
- a kind of blue lighter then sky blue

33. Would u kill someone u hate for a billion bucks?
- depends... but currently, i dun have the guts to do it n oso there is no one i hate until so badly

34. Do u believe in saying "talk is cheap"?
- nope... not exactly.

35. Who was the last person hu lie in ur bed?

36. Who was the last person hu hugged u?
- SU YONG BIN♥!!! again

37. Did u see the last person u kissed recently?
- yup... i see binbin every day =)

38. Do u have a life?
- duh..... of course la

39. Did u ever thought someone died but they didnt?
- yup... when i watch movies=)

40. What is the reason behind ur profile song?
- um... coz i liked it, n i think its meaningful =)

41. Who was the last person u saw in ur dreams?
- dunno leh... nvr dream these few days

42. Last time u smiled?
- just now...

43. Have u changed this year?
- i think so....

44. What r u listening to right now?
- my mum n her frens playing mahjong =)

45. Are u talking to someone while doing this?
- nope...

46. Do u walk with ur eyes close or open?
- open mostly =)

47. Is there a quote u live by?
- nope...

48. Do u want someone u can nvr have?
- yup... last time.

49. Have u ever played an instrument?
- yup... currently a clarinetist in ntss concer band =) also played b4: piano, recorder, harmonica, triangle, drum set, saxophone+++

50. What's the worst idea u had this week?
- persuading my SL grp to take the dummy chemical... sorry =(

51. What r u doing last night at 11pm?
- watching tv

52. Are u happy wif ur love life right now?
- yup... coz i am single =)

53. What song describe ur love life?
- erm... i m SINGLE!!!!!

54. Does the person noe u like him/her?
- i currently dont like anyone =)

55. Who always makes u laugh?
- yongbin lorh...

56. Do u speak other lauguage other than english?
- yup... chinese & little bit hokkien

57. Fave. websites?
- hahas... youtube n blogger =)

58. What's ur middle name?
- Zhi?

60. What do u think u r like?
- idk... wish i am nice =(

61. Who will u choose to die with?
- my lover n my family hahas...

62. Where have u been today?
- bangkit... gillman... east coast park n shell station =)

63. What game do u play often?
- none... sry

64. Who r u missing now?
- all my frens...

65. If u had to choose between ur fren n ur lover, hu will u choose?
- depends... but most prob frens

66. What r u doing right now?
- duh... this quiz la

67. Which primary school r u frm?
- PHPPS (pei hwa presbytarian primary school)

68. Name 3 colours dat u like
- Pink, Blue n Orange

69. What emotion do u like to show?
- =)

70. What is ur life to u?
- normal???

71. IF u have something bothering u, what will u do?
- talk to my frens... or figure it out myself.

72. Who did u last chat on msn today?
- Miaoching =)

73. Who do u admire the most?
- no one yet...

74. Which month r u born in?
- septemberian

75. How r u feeling right now?
- sleepy...zzz

76. What is the time now?
- 12.56am

77. What kind of person do u think of the one who tagged u?
- nice n friendly =)

78. What colour do u use to dye ur hair?
- i nvr dye b4...

79. Why r u doint this test?
- coz nth to do...

80. What do u do when u r moody?
- slp, listen to music n sing, chat wif fren or emo...hahas

81. At which age do u wish to get married?
- 25 is my ideal age =)

82. What is more important to u?
- studies, families n frens

83. If today was the last day of ur life wat will u do?
- tgalk to as many frens as possible n make them rmb me

84. Who is the person u trust the most?
- ashley i think...

85. Do u believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- yup... coz i hav seen one b4.

86. If u have a dream come true, what wld it be?
- to be smarter =)

87. Wat is ur goal for nxt year?
- still top 10 in class n top 20 in lvl

88. Do u believe in eternity love?
- nope... not exactly

89. What feeling do u love the most?
- happy la =)

90. Do u think its global warming now?
- idk... coz its like raining almost everyday...

91. What feeling do u hate the most?
- annoying... n being ignored

92. U like doing quizzes?
- quite...coz let ppl know more abt u i tink

93. Do u believe in God?
- i am a freethinker.

94. Who cares for u the most?
- idk...

95. What do u think is the most important thing in ur life?
- LOVE ♥♥♥ for everyone...

96. What would u bring when u fight?
- weapon la... eg. knife, sword, axe, my fave is whip. hahas

97. What have u regretted doing in ur whole life?
- manymany things. like.... waiting for my father for 1 hr+++

98. WHat would u do if nobody cared for u?
- i will try my beat to make ppl like me but firstly, fend for my self.

99. What would u do if ur bf/gf two-timed u?
- i will scold him like hell... n maybe break up wif him

100. How do u feel now?
- Cool... i think. but still sleepy...

tnx winnifred for this quiz once again
gdnite everyone...

i love you Y


hello =)
back from SL camp liao
home sweet home
but i miss them still...
had lots & lots & lots of FUN
met many many new frens too
played real nice games
i learnt new skills too e.g magic tricks =P
it was a real nice n fun experience
i didnt regret going there!!!
i wish nxt year also can go again
oh ya... btw my grp name is call hot & cold
cool right???
then our cheer is like:
i'm so hot
i'm so cold
we're very hot & cold
we're very very hot & very very cold
dont u think we're hot & cold
(the tune is the barney song)
then my grp mambers consists of:
-Lily (my mentor)
they are all very nice ppl
i ♥ them all=) hahas
thanks to all of them for their guidance & help thru the camp
thank you very much!!
ok la
see ya

i love you Y

Tuesday, November 11, 2008.

hello =)
jus now in the morning went for band
thn i tot i will late coz i woke up at 8am but normally i wake up at 7am de
i ask daddy fetch me n reach at 8.55am
tmr i going SL-student leader camp
stay until friday
so wont post
dont miss me kays?
i will miss all of u de
playing games

i love you Y

Monday, November 10, 2008.

Sabotaged by... Ashley! Tnx still
1) Do u eat alot of fast food?
- yes i think ;D
2) Have u kissed anyone in 2008?
- binbin, ashley, mummy, daddy
3) Were u happy when u woke up today?
- quite only coz slept late thn going play bowling ltr
4) What did u last get upset abt?
- Binbin scratching my face jus now... *sobs
5) Do u eat candy on a daily basis?
- not exactly la... once in a while
6) What abt in ur 5th sent msg?
- thanking ashley for saying dat i am K.A.N.A.S.A.I
7) Who was the last person u ate wif?
- i think is my Ah mah =)
8) Who was the las person u took picture of?
- binbin of course... coz i help him put make up out of boredsm =P
9) When ordering sushi, wat do u get?
- crabmeat n egg sushi... yumyum=)
10) Who was the last person u sat nxt to?
- daddy♥♥♥
11) What were u doing at 10am?
- still sleeping...zzz
12) Have u changed alot since summer?
- yup i think... though sg no summer
13) What was the last beverage u spill on urself?
- mummy's♥ passion fruit drink
14) where is the place u wanna be now?
- in my bedrm
15) when was the last time u cried?
- when i saw my results??
16) Whats ur fave. song at the moment?
- 靠岸
17) What r u doin at 11 last night?
- reading twilight or playing badminton...
18) Who's near u?
- no one... all in the rm
19) What r u doin at 5am in the morning?
- still watching tv
20) Whats bothering u right now?
- scared dat i will 4get to bring sumthing for the SL camp
21) Who was the last person u talk to on the phone?
- jean i think
22) Who's house did u go last?
- my own... if not jean's
23) Who honestly knows everything abt u?
- jean or ashley i tink...
24) Who broken ur heart?
- nobody yet....
25) Honestly, did u love sumone very much?
- binbin la...♥♥♥
26) Who was the last person dat tell u dat they love u?
- binbin again...
27) R u frens wif the last person u kissed?
- yup...binbin counted my fren=)
28) Are there any parts of ur body dat hurts?
- currently...nope
29) In the supermarket, the 1st ting dat catch ur attention is...
- idk... depends on wat i feel like eating lo
30) How cool do u think u r?
- idk... normal lor
31) Drugs are.....
- disgusting, bitter n all the yucky stuff
32) Which one do u hate the most?
33) Who was the first person to text u today?
- ashley....♥
34) What was the first thing u did this morning?
- check my phone=)
35) Who was the last missed call on ur cellphone?
- chiangpin...
36) What's the last mistake u made?
- not bring binbin out wif me today...sry
37) What r u listening to right now?
- binbin counting 1,2,3,4,5........59,60....99,100
38) Who was the last person of the opposite sex u hav a conversation wif?
- Su Yong Bin!!!!!
39) Who was the last person to call u?
- Choo Chia Jean =)
40) Is there anything u wanna say to sumone special?
- I ♥ everyone i know very much!!!! tnx 4 everything=)
Sabotage 5 people!!!

i love you Y


Thnx winnifred a million for this quiz coz i am bored to death!!!
1) My friends....
- many many many i ♥ them all =)
2) I m listening to...
- the msn sound when sumone talk to u?
3) Maybe i shld learn...
- how to shut up coz dats wat my mum wish dat i could...
4) I love...
- my family, frens, les partners(lols)+++
5) My plans...
- to get gd results nxt year & watch twilight wif frens =P
6) I dont understand...
- y ppl dun commit to their ccas when they join it???
7) I lost...
- many things... eg. my phones twice thn now gotta use old phones
8) Ppl say...
- crap n nonsense which i dun giv it a damn...
9) I'm missing...
- my freedom during my pri sch hols, lesser stress n my frens♥
10) Love means...
- u like sumone for nth???
11) Somewhere, someone is...
- scolding me...???
12) I'm always searching for....
- true love♥... jkjk =P more frens actually
13) Foreva seems...
- very far away...but i dun care
14) I do not want to...
- lose all my frens n family♥♥♥
15) My mobile phone...
- samsung de... infront dark blue behind white=)
16) When i wake up in the morning...
- i wanna kiss binbin!!!!
17) I get annoyed when...
- ppl keep on boasting n repeating the same thing =_+
18) Parties are...
- fun? crazie? nice?
19) Hugs or kisses?
- Both are very nice =P
20) Today i...
- went to play bowling wif ash, nat, andre n zhichun
21) Tmr i will be...
- attending FULL day band practice frm 9am till 5pm
22) I really want to...
- sing like no tmr n kill those ppl hu hates me(jkjk)
23) I...
- rock like hell!!! jkjk average i think?
24) What is ur hp brand?
- smasung....jus now say liao ma
25) What is the last digit of ur phone no?
- 3...i think
26) What does the 2nd msg says in ur inbox?
- she is saying ok coz she ask me to gif her huansen no thn i say hse de can?
27) Who was the last person u rang?
- if is any phone thn i think is jean... if hp is my mummy =)
28) Who was the last missed call from?
- chiangpin... i guess
29) What does the oldest msg in ur inbox say?
- a chinese joke i recive frm my mum =)
30) Who comes after "j"?
- Kimberly i guess...
31) Go to ur sent msgs... wat does the 10th say?
- to ashley coz she say i K.A.N.A.S.A.I
32) Who is ur network provider?
- huh? Idk leh...
33) How many msgs are there in ur inbox?
- 53... i jus deleted some =)
34) If u r on prepaid card, how much credits u have?
- Idk coz i m not on prepaid card =P
35) Who is the first person hu comes right after C?
- Daddy♥♥♥
36) What do u hav as ur main ringtone?
- Twilight~ Seventeen Forever
37) Feel honored coz u r picked by me♥

i love you Y


Hello ppl!!!
Went to bowling today wif ash,nat,zhichun n andre
quite fun la
but oso quite ex...$3 per game!!!
wateva...jus dat i pok liao
oh ya...
actually tot of going campus superstar de...
stupid horh???
but obviously i nvr go la
thn on last friday went to padang for sumting like a carnival called
counted fun la
my highest score for the timezone slam(sumthing like arcade basketball) was 93
the happy thing is i beat zhichun n yk!!! hahas
ohya... i went wif jean,xinlei,loksan,zhichun n andre
i won prizes.... lame ones eg. yashinoya(or sumthing like dat) vouchers, timezone card wif $5 in it, wat nestle goodie bag... isnt it lame???
jus quite fun lorh... spend our precious time wif frens... sadly
ashley cnt come coz she got madrasa thn nat busy
gtg liao
tmr got band nid wake up at 7am!!! haiz...

i love you Y

Thursday, November 6, 2008.

very tired today... dunno y
went for band today
thn full day become half day
mr neo very very very angry wif us
coz the attendance no good
mr neo today say he dotes on kimberly
thn i was wondering hu else he dotes on.......
not the sarcastic way of course
but jus really really curious
thn today... mr neo first time ever compare us wif his other schools
y ppl must like dat
other school can have 90% attendance but y not our school???
dun wan commit for the band then y join band leh???
dun attend practices then join band for wat???
really la.....
even if u dun like it still like mus bear wif it ma
dats how u commit for a cca i thought
n dats wat i do...
i seriously dun like to go band during the near to competition period...
mr neo will be like so stressful until....dunno wat to say la
i jus practise my playing, do my part dats all i can do liao ma
ok la
damn tired wanna zzz

i love you Y

Monday, November 3, 2008.

jus back frm band
no more sick
yesterday was fun... but not today
went to lot one to meet ashley n xinlei
thn eat KFC
after dat
went take 1 neoprint
thn we think dat we shld take MORE
thn we went to JEC
sian lor...
so we decided 2 play bowling =)
we went to Jurong Bowl to play
the first round i scored 132 but the 2nd round i only scored 97
nid TRAIN!!!
thn we went back 2 jurong to take bus 2 orchard 2 take neoprints
ashley told us dat the bus would last like 15min
but it was like more thn half hour... LOL
thn we went to cineleisure to take neoprints
damn ex lo...
thn after dat we all went seperate ways...
not really but
xinlei n ashley took the other line
i went to raffles city shopping mall 2 find my mum
we ate dinner at this restaurent call
there is this guy sitting at the nxt table
the mouth arh
like chichken backside like dat..
talking none stop
take one bite talk 10 times
thn after dat walk arnd suntec city
mummy say she wan buy 4 yk crumpler
wth!!! unfair!!!!
thn took bus home
rch at 10+
slp at 2+
end of monday
band was scary
rachel was like counting the no. of ppl dat will attend band today
she was like so happy when we counted 20+ ppl
thn after band come home la
jean come my house... 4 nth
ok la
gotta bring binbin 2 sch

i love you Y


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